No chlorine (QS400)

If the salt water system does not display an error message during operation, the system does produce chlorine. Electrolysis splits water into oxygen and hydrogen and splits dissolved salt into chlorine and other substances.

If you do not measure any chlorine or too little chlorine, the chlorine produced is probably used up immediately or broken down because there is too much biological material in the water.

To increase the chlorine content in the water, you can set a boost. When you activate the boost, the filter pump must be set to FP. The pump will then run continuously. The boost can be set to 36, 48 or 60 hours.

If after the first boost you still do not measure enough or no chlorine, you can go through the checklist below.

Cleaning the electrode

The titanium electrode converts the salt into free chlorine. Follow the steps described in the manual to clean the electrode.

Perform a second boost

PIf there is still not enough chlorine measured after the first boost, there will be a lot of biological material in the water. You should then first perform a boost to break down the biological material. After this, you should carry out another boost to bring the chlorine level up to the required level.

Cover the pool when not in use

Too much exposure to sunlight will break down the chlorine before it can do its work. Rainfall or thunderstorms can also degrade the chlorine without you using the pool.

Contact a specialist

If the above has not helped you can contact a water treatment/maintenance specialist for additional advice.

If the problem persists, please contact local service centre for further assistance.