Pool Storage

The products of Intex are made of soft PVC material. To prevent damage to the product and accessories, store your pool or spa once the ambient temperature outside drops below 4 ° C.

Step 1:

Remove all accessories and clean them thoroughly

Step 2:

Make sure your product is cleaned after which you dry it with a dry cloth

Step 3:

Allow the product to dry completely in the air and/or in the sun for at least 2 days

Step 4:

After drying and before folding the liner, cover all welding seams with talcum powder

Step 5:

Fold the product loosely without tight folds to avoid damage or leakage

Step 6:

Store the product in a room with a constant room temperature

It is not recommended to leave your product outside during the winter period. An Intex cover is not a winter cover!

Consequences of not storing the liner according to the instructions

These arise during the storage of your liner for the 2nd season.

Multiple small holes

Is caused by the growth of micro-organism due to moisture or when the liner has come into contact with freezing cold.

Seams let loose

This occurs when the weld seams of the liner are not covered with talcum powder. Or if the micro-organism affects the weld seams by not storing the liner according to the instructions.

Please refer to your product manual for specific instructions on how to winterize and store your Intex product.