Code E90

Code E90 appears when the water flow is too low. This code often has to do with poor water maintenance, for example due to a dirty/old filter, dirty water or bacteria/algae. Please go through the checklist below to see whether this is all right.

  • The filter should be rinsed every day and after each use. Replace the filter regularly (after a few days to 1 week).
  • The water must be clear. Make sure that the chlorine level of your water is always between 2 and 4 ppm.
  • If your water is green/cloudy/milky or contains foam, this is probably the cause of the E90.
  • The chlorine in the water provides the disinfecting effect so that the water remains clear. The filter is only there to assist in removing particles from the water.

Is the filter clean and your water clear?

Unscrew the filter housing from the grid and press the filtration button.

Does the E90 also come up without a filter?

Does the code E90 keep appearing?

Please contact local service centre for further assistance.

Does the code E90 not appear?

This means that the cause of the E90 is not a mechanical problem, but has to do with a dirty filter and/or poor water maintenance. In this case, you must replace the filter and/or take the necessary measures to achieve the correct chlorine level.

For more information on water maintenance please read

General Maintenance for the PureSpa