Leakage at the cover

There are multiple possible causes for the leakage at the cover. The main reason is that the leakage is caused by the fact that the O-ring is not located under the lid, but in the screw ring. The O-ring should not be in the screw ring but in the housing under the cover. Due to its incorrect placement, the pump is not completely sealed off, which can result in leakage.

We would like to ask you to follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Loosen the screw ring and remove the cover

Step 2:

Remove the O-ring from the screw ring
(If it does not come loose, you can tap it gently on the ground to loosen the O-ring)

Step 3:

Place the O-ring on the ledge on the inside of the filter housing
(where the lid used to be)

Step 4:

Place the lid on top of the O-ring

Step 5:

Tighten the screw ring

Below are two photos of both the correct and incorrect placement of the O-ring. Please check carefully whether it has been placed correctly, and if not, place it correctly using the step-by-step plan as mentioned above.

If the problem persists, please contact local service centre for further assistance.