SPA Storage

Intex inflatable products are made from soft PVC material. It is not advised to leave the spa outside during the winter period. The spa components such as the spa tub and pump unit cannot withstand freezing. To prevent damage to the product and accessories, store the spa as soon as the ambient temperature drops below 4° C.

Winterising the spa

It is advised to follow the following steps in order to properly winterise the spa.

Step 1:

Place the black caps on the connections in the spa tub, disconnect the pump unit and use a garden hose to drain the water from the spa until it is completely empty.

Step 2:

Attach the inflation hose to the air line, turn on the bubble function and point the end to the inlet and outlet pipes of the empty spa tub and the pump unit to blow the excess water out of the pipes and bubble rim.

Step 3:

Turn on the bubble function for a few more minutes while the inflation hose and pump unit are not connected to anything to allow the moisture to leave the unit.

Step 4:

Let the spa components air dry for at least 2 days until they are completely dry, making sure the air bladder and spa tub are inflated.

Step 5:

Once the spa tub is completely dry, the seams can be covered with talc powder if necessary, after which the spa tub, as well as the cover and air bladder, can be loosely folded and stored together with the pump unit.

The recommendation is to store the spa, completely dry, in an area with a constant room temperature, where moisture or freezing temperatures cannot reach the components. If the spa comes into contact with moisture or freezing temperatures, it may affect the spa components.

Possible consequences of improper storage

  • Spa functions, including the air pump, no longer work
  • Holes in the wall or on the seams of the spa tub and/or air bladder due to the growth of micro-organisms
  • Mould (stains) on the walls/bottom of the air bladder, walls and bottom of the spa tub

Please read the spa manual for additional instructions on winterising and storing the product.