Checklist for PureSpa

The Intex PureSpa is considered a large consumer. There are a number of points we recommend you check when putting the Intex PureSpa into operation. Please review the information below and check if this is correct for your spa.

Large consumers

Large consumers are heavy appliances that need a lot of power (e.g. microwave/oven, tumble dryer, dishwasher, etc.). These are usually on a separate earthed group. When a large appliance is started up, it will have a peak consumption of electricity. When there are several appliances connected to the group at that moment, this can cause the fuse to blow.

The spa may only be connected to a grounded outlet

A grounded outlet can be recognized by the two pins at the top and bottom of the outlet. If there is a leak in a grounded product, the leakage current can continue to flow through the outlet to the earth point in the meter and the earth leakage switch will trip. With a non-earthed socket, this does not happen and the earth leakage switch will only be tripped when the leakage current can flow to earth in another way, for example when a person touches a product with leakage current. The outlet must be dry and at least 4m away from the spa and at a height of 1.2m.

Connection to a Group

The Intex PureSpa has a capacity of 2300 Watts when heated. It is therefore advisable to connect the spa to a separate group. If this is not feasible, the spa can be connected to a group with small consumers (think of lights etc.).
Caution! If the spa is connected to a group where cooling equipment (such as refrigerator / freezer) is connected, this may lead to a slight tingling on the water.

If the spa is on and both the RCD and fuses blow, the first thing to check is whether there are several other appliances (both large and small). It is possible that there is a lot of start-up current, causing too many appliances to be on at the same time.

Do not use an extension cord or timer

Most extension cords cannot handle the power of the spa. The heater of the spa has a capacity of 2300 Watts. When the spa is connected to an extension cord/reel or when using a timer, this can cause the extension cord/reel to overload, which can lead to a short circuit. When a cable cannot handle the power, you will usually notice a tingling sensation in the water. So use only the spa's own power cord and make sure it is completely unwound before use.

Always keep the plug dry. Never connect a wet plug

Water and electricity can be dangerous. A damp plug connected to an electrical outlet can generate a great deal of heat, which can melt the outlet and/or the spa's plug. Make sure the spa is at least 4m away from the electrical outlet.


The spa is equipped with an RCD at the end of the cord. The RCD acts as a residual current device (GFCI) which shuts off the power supply immediately in the event of a leakage. When the current between each type of wiring is equal, the RCD switch ensures that the electricity functions properly. When it is detected that the balance is disturbed, the RCD stops the flow of electricity. The RCD should be tested before each use. Do not use the spa if the RCD is not functioning properly. The RCD is not waterproof but splashproof.

Contact a qualified electrician to check all groups and sockets in and around the house.