Wifi connection step-by-step

The connection between the spa app and the Wi-Fi router may time out during the pairing process. By following the steps below in the correct order, the time difference between starting pairing mode on the control panel and in the app will be the shortest. This will prevent your WiFi router from timing out.

Step 1:

Turn off the mobile data on your phone

Step 2:

Give the Intex app access to your location by turning on your location in your phone’s settings

Step 3:

Turn on the WiFi on your phone

Step 4:

Check if you can access the internet with only the WiFi turned on

Step 5:

Open the Intex app and log in

Step 6:

Activate the spa by pressing the RESET (Rücksetzen) button on the RCD

Step 7:

Turn on the spa control panel

Step 8:

Press the ‘’+’’ icon in the app

Step 9:

Immediately press ‘’Next’’ (Ignore the instruction to press the pairing button on the control panel)

Step 10:

Enter the password of your WiFi router
Pay Attention! Do not press next yet

Step 11:

Now press the pairing button on the control panel for 5 seconds until you hear a beep and the WiFi indicator on the control panel shows that it is in pairing mode

Krok 12:

Immediately press ‘’Next’’ in the app

If the problem has not been solved, please contact local service centre for further assistance.