Heavy electrical appliances – general info

When you are going to use heavy electrical appliances, think of Intex PureSpa, washing machines, oven etc., it is advisable to make sure that the house installation is in order. You will find additional information on this matter below.

House electrical installations

Your house installation is supplied with electrical energy by the network operator via the connection in the main electricity cabinet in the house. A house installation takes care of the supply and discharge of electrical energy for your electrical appliances. The supply wire is also called the ‘phase’ and the return wire the ‘neutral’. The third wire in the connection is the earth wire. The earth connection is used to make appliances touch-safe. Some electrical appliances use this connection; not all appliances have to be earthed.


The connection starts where the cabling enters your home: the main fuse is connected immediately after the connection. The main fuse determines the value of the maximum current you can use.

Group board

Your connection is finished in the distribution board in the main electricity cabinet. A group represents a circuit. Each circuit is protected by fuses, usually of 16 Amps. Each group is protected by fuses or circuit breakers. When a certain group draws too much current, because you connect too much or because of a defective device, the circuit is interrupted.
The value of the main fuse depends on the sum of all your fuses in the group cupboard. It is therefore not advisable to add groups just like that. If you do, the current demand could be so high that the main fuse would burn out.

kWh meter and en earth leakage circuit breakers

Between the main fuse and the group board there is usually a kWh-meter and earth leakage circuit breakers connected. The kWh meter registers the energy you use.
An earth leakage circuit breaker compares the amount of current that flows through a phase with the amount that flows back through the neutral. This switch interrupts the power circuit as soon as a difference is measured that is greater than a certain threshold value.

Contact a qualified electrician to check all groups and sockets in and around the house.