Not producing chlorine

Electrolysis splits water into oxygen and hydrogen, and splits dissolved salt into chlorine and other substances. If the spa pump unit does not give an error code during operation, the system is producing chlorine. If you do not measure chlorine, it is likely that the chlorine that is being produced is being used up or degraded immediately.

To increase chlorine levels, you will need to turn the system on several times in a row to produce enough chlorine. Switch the system on 3 times for 8 hours to create extra chlorine.

If, after running the system several times, you still measure little or no chlorine, you can run through the following checklist.

Cleaning the electrode

The titanium electrode converts the salt into free chlorine. Follow the steps described in the manual to clean the electrode.

Switch the salt water system on again

If there is too much biological material in the water, the chlorine that has just been produced will immediately take effect and be used up. Check the chlorine levels in between uses to see if they are increasing.

Cover the spa when not in use

Too much exposure to sunlight will degrade the chlorine before it can do it’s work. Rainfall or a thunderstorm can also degrade the chlorine without your spa being used.

Contact a specialist

If the above has not helped you can contact a water treatment/maintenance specialist for additional advice.

If the problem has not been solved, please contact local service centre for further assistance.