Installation of Automatic pool cleaner 28001 & 28005

If the auto pool cleaner does not work properly, for example, barely runs, moves in one direction only or does not move at all, it is important to first check whether the product is connected properly. Follow the steps below to check this:

Check that the auto pool cleaner is connected to the inlet

The auto pool cleaner operates on the pool inlet. This is where the water from the pump goes back into the pool. The auto pool cleaner does not work on the suction of the pump but on the force of the water coming back into the pool. This force creates a suction effect in the auto pool cleaner, causing it to move and cleaning the pool.

Connect the auto pool cleaner correctly

Step 1:

Place the auto pool cleaner on the bottom of the pool

Step 2:

Fully submerge the hoses
Start at the auto pool cleaner and finish at the end of the hose

Step 3:

Once the entire hose is below the water surface, you can connect the hose to the connection piece where the water goes back into the pool

Are the connections correct?

The auto pool cleaner is intended for pools with 38 mm hose connections. If you want to connect the auto pool cleaner to a pool with 32 mm hose connections, you will need an additional adapter. The adapter you need can be found on our website under item number 12486.

If the problem persists, please contact local service centre for further assistance.