Premium Spa Tray

Premium Spa Tray

45 cm x 26cm x 16cm

The Premium tray for PureSpa will allow you to make your relaxation experience even more comfortable. Place this tray with foldable flaps on the edge of any Intex PureSpa and start your relaxation! With the two cup holders, you can enjoy your favorite drink, and with the dedicated slot for a smartphone or tablet, you can watch a movie or listen to music directly from the water. Turn on the relaxing white LED lights and create the perfect atmosphere. Batteries are included.

  • SKU 28520
  • Color Beige

Technical specifications

Package weight (kg)0.92
Package dimensions (cm)7.3 x 46.04 x 26.67
Dimensions (cm)45 x 16 x 26


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28520 | Premium Spa Tray | 45 cm x 26cm x 16cm