ZX300 Deluxe Auto Pool Cleaner

ZX300 Deluxe Auto Pool Cleaner

36 cm x 38cm x 28cm

ZX300 Deluxe Auto Pool Cleaner

The ZX300 Automatic Pool Cleaner is easy to use and efficiently cleans the pool floor. It moves using the power of the filter pump, which recirculates the purified water back into the pool. Thanks to the rapid rotating movement of the dual dirt scrubbers, the robot will collect debris, leaves and insects that settle on the bottom, ensuring a thorough cleaning. Sturdy, powerful and swift, ideal for large-sized pools. Superior wall-climbing performance to effectively suction all impurities up the water line even from the sidewalls. Suitable for any type of pool with a maximum diameter of 6 meters. Can be used with filter pumps ranging from 6056 to 13248 L/h. Includes a 6,5 m long non-tangle hose.

  • SKU 28005
  • Color White

Technical specifications

Package weight (kg)6.91
Package dimensions (cm)38.7 x 46.7 x 41.6
Dimensions (cm)36 x 28 x 38


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28005 | ZX300 Deluxe Auto Pool Cleaner | 36 cm x 38cm x 28cm